Weqaya group2

AL-Wekaya Group

Al-Wekaya company Ltd. For importing medical supplies and children items is one of the Libyan joint-stock companies, which was founded in 1992, where its main branch was in Misurata and with a capital of 200,000 two hundred thousand dinars, and soon the company opened two more branches, one in Tripoli and one in Benghazi.
Today the company is proudly ranked the first in the Libyan market in the import and supply of children's accessories, good planning and clear visions for the company's board and team spirit pursued by the career staff of the company's 83 employees managed the company to put its mark in the Libyan market for the convergence of its share in that market, 47% for almost a year 2013 annual movement of the head of capital (Turnover) exceeded 26 million Libyan dinars for the same year, serving the needs of its customers in all parts of the country, and providing the Libyan citizen global best products.
It strengthens the company's position in the Libyan market in addition to its presence in the three major cities (Tripoli, Benghazi, Misurata) is a presence in the major markets in those cities, as Alkremiah Market in Tripoli, Al-Arab Market in Benghazi, and Ruwaisat Market in Misrata.